You Seriously Won’t Believe What Hackers Did To The Democratic Primary Debate

When I first read about this, I had my doubts about the validity of hacking claims, which have been proven to be false so many times before.

After all, it was a debate in California. It was possible that the two candidates turned each other on with their opening statements. The debate was set to feature  Lewis Elbinger, Green Party candidate from Mount Shasta, and David Peterson, Democrat from Grass Valley who are vying for the seat of incumbent Doug LaMalfa’s seat.  Just shortly after the two candidates completed their opening statements a feed hacked into the debate showing two men performing sex acts with each other.

KRCTV reported:

An online forum featuring two candidates for California’s 1st District U.S. Congressional seat was interrupted when the internet feed was hacked during the live conference.

The organization Independent Like the North State presented the forum, which was open to the seven candidates vying for incumbent Doug LaMalfa’s seat. Only two candidates, Lewis Elbinger, Green Party candidate from Mount Shasta, and David Peterson, Democrat from Grass Valley, were present.

Online viewers and listeners on radio station KFOI 90.9 FM had just heard opening statements from the two candidates when a video feed, clearly showing sexual acts between two men, filled the screen for several seconds shortly after 8:00 p.m. Thursday night.

The moderator could be heard saying, “Looks like we got hacked again, we’ll try to fix this.” The feed was then shut down.

Moderator Chris Verrill told KRCR it was a disappointing turn of events.

“We had a community forum, and while it’s disappointing people did not respect us, or the candidates, or more importantly the democratic process, or the community, that’s part of the way democracy works,” Verrill said.

Verrill said that they are hoping to reschedule the debate in the future and work on resolving some security issues.

How long before the Democrats accuse Russians for the hack? Maxine Waters will call for Trump’s impeachment over this incident. And the sun will come up in the East tomorrow.

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