Woman Serves Three Months for Possession of Cotton Candy

You can mark this down as an injustice of the worst kind. Dasha Fincher was stopped by Georgia police for suspicion that her window tints were too dark. They ended up searching her entire car, evidently without just cause.

They found some cotton candy residue on the floor of her car and tested it with a Nark-II test kit, manufactured by North Carolina-based Sirchie Acquisitions, which has the reputation of coming up with a vast amount of false positives.

If that were the end of the story, it would be bad enough, but it wasn’t the end. She was given bail of $1,000,000 cash bond only, that she couldn’t afford to pay. Then, they didn’t test the residue until almost four months later, when she was finally released. To top it off, it was determined that the window tint on the car was perfectly legal, therefore it wasn’t even a legitimate stop. Fincher is now suing for false arrest and imprisonment.

From The Blaze

“Then they found the cotton candy in the floorboard of the car,” she said.

The two deputies used the kit, which came back positive, and placed her under arrest. She was not able to afford the bond, and it was over three months before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) lab test results came back, finding there were “no controlled substances confirmed in the sample.”

The lawsuit claims that the Nark II test kit they used, manufactured by North Carolina-based Sirchie Acquisitions, is unreliable and has a history of false positive test results(see embed below) .

The charges were dropped in April of 2017. During that time, she says, she missed major events of her life. “My daughter had a miscarriage. I wasn’t there for that. My twin grandsons were born. I missed that,” Fincher told WMAZ.

I hope she collects a bundle. There is no excuse for not testing the material, which was the only “evidence” they found.

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