What This “Undocumented” Person Did to a Youth Better Get Him Deported but it Probably Won’t

An illegal alien committed statutory rape against an 11-year-old girl and impregnated her after she skipped class to have sex with him in his car. The girl’s mother had warned the twenty-year-old man to stay away from her daughter after she found a hickey on the girl’s neck.

The mother says she contacted the police several times but that the police made no arrest until the girl became pregnant. Carlos Jacinto Cobo-Perez, age 20, has been living illegally in the United States and has now been arrested for statutory rape of a minor.

From Breitbart News

Carlos Jacinto Cobo-Perez, a 20-year-old illegal alien living in the United States, was arrested this week after an 11-year-old girl’s pregnancy was confirmed at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, according to ABC 15 Arizona.

According to the 11-year-old, Cobo-Perez got her pregnant when she skipped class to have sex with him in his car. The alleged statutory rape came after the girl’s mother had warned the illegal alien to stay away from her daughter because she says she found a hickey on the girl’s neck.

The girl’s mother told police she did not know her daughter could be pregnant with Cobo-Perez’s baby until she heard the illegal alien bragging about having sex with her daughter. The woman said she reported the alleged sexual misconduct multiple times to police but no arrests were ever made.

Now, the illegal alien is being held on a $150,000 bond for statutory rape. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has a detainer on the Cobo-Perez so that should he be released from prison, he will be turned over to federal agents for deportation.

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