Waters Latest Anti-Trump Attack Is Laughable Given His Track Record

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters has a staggering history of saying some really off the wall stuff and this one may be one of her craziest.

During an appearance on MSNBC, she stated that President Trump has a “tendency to talk down to people of color”.

She was asked whether she thought Rep. Frederica Wilson was being treated differently “because of her race and gender?”

Waters wildly responded, “I think it goes along with it. [Trump] seems to have this tendency to talk down to people of color, to treat them with disrespect. And I think this adds to it. I think the fact that first of all, he called her wacky, secondly, that he didn’t back down, that he simply talked about her in a way that was not respectful. I think that yes, I think it adds to the suspicion of him and the way that he thinks about minorities and black people in particular.”

Among his past and present acts of racial harmony comes his creation of jobs and how it’s being viewed by the black community. Despite the fact that the overall piece I used as a reference is Anti-Trump, this one really stuck out to me. Just one example as provided by NBC News:

Black conservatives insist that black America is moving forward under Trump’s leadership and they are quick to remind critics that the president only took office 100 days ago.

Kelley Eubanks, Managing Partner for KEE Concrete and Construction, Inc., a woman-owned engineering, construction and construction management business, said she became a Trump supporter because she appreciates Trump’s approach to job creation, economic growth, and his focus on acknowledging the financial burdens facing small businesses.

“President Trump is bringing his business acumen to government and I’m encouraged by the Trump administration and what it means for African Americans, especially from the perspective of an African American business owner,” Eubanks told NBCBLK.

Eubanks said she is aware that her point of view is not shared by all black voters, but she still plans to support Trump’s economic agenda.

“I know there are African Americans who do not feel their voices are being heard,” Eubanks said. “The president is creating is a path for job opportunities in inner cities and that’s good for black Americans.”

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