Watchdog Group Makes Major Claim Against The United Nations

Human Rights Voices, a watchdog group, has released a report which claims that the United Nations has endorsed and approved anti-Israel as well as anti-Semitic hate groups.

Anne Bayefsky, senior editor for HRV spoke with the Washington Free Beacon on the matter.

“The United Nations was founded as a global pact among states, but over the decades—in the name of transparency and openness, and in order to further the aim of globalization—the U.N. has opened its doors to non-governmental organizations. More than 6,200 NGOs [non-governmental organizations] have been invited to participate on a year-round basis in U.N. activities, and have thus been handed a coveted global megaphone.”

“An examination of these NGOs, however, reveals that both by design and gross negligence on the part of U.N. member states, the NGOs’ ranks include bigots, anti-Semites, and terrorist advocates who are now spreading hatred and inciting violence from the world stage.”

“Far too often, the United Nations and related organizations are being used to discriminate against the Jewish state of Israel and promote anti-Semitism,” Rubio said. “After the United States rightly withdrew from UNESCO in response to the vile anti-Israel agenda of its member states, the Trump administration and Congress should continue working together to promote accountability and ensure that Americans’ tax dollars are not used to further hateful, anti-Semitic agendas.”

The Human Rights Voices has provided evidence of this anti-Israeli propaganda, as well.

“The UN accredits and associates with NGOs that espouse antisemitism. The antisemitism takes various forms: demeaning remarks about Jews, abhorrence of the presence of Jews or so-called “Judaization,” minimizing the Holocaust, claiming antisemitism is feigned or grossly exaggerated, attempting to appropriate the language of Jew-hatred and apply antisemitism to Arabs, analogizing Israelis to Nazis, denying that anti-Zionism or the denial of the right of Jewish self-determination is a form of antisemitism, and equating Zionism with racism (see also Section III). One favorite of UN-accredited or associated NGOs is to highlight self-hating Jews or Jewish antisemites or to represent that this tiny minority are the only liberal and decent Jews.”

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