Warren Supporter Arrested After Attacking Opponent At Rally

Liz Warren was holding a campaign event in Great Barrington, Mass. on Sunday. One of her opponents, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, (an Indian-born American running as an independent), was across the street.

With a megaphone in hand, calling her out as a fake Indian. One of Warren’s supporters walked over to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, hitting the megaphone and driving it into the face of Ayyadurai. The police witnessed the event, immediately arresting the yet unidentified man. For that reason, Liberals over the last two years have revealed themselves as fascists as they are. Violent attacks by those on the left are becoming an everyday occurrence.

“I will take a punch in the face ANY DAY for America & Free Speech. We will have another ANTI-RACIST Rally against the scumbag #FakeIndian @SenWarren and her White Supremacist THUGS. JOIN US. Declare Your Independence! Stop Race War”


The party of tolerance for all things perverted seems to have no tolerance for differing views. Certainly, I’m glad I’m going to Heaven, therefore, I don’t have to exist side by side with them through eternity.

From The Daily Caller

“The megaphone is a symbol of free speech and here this guy is shoving it into the face of a dark guy talking about race,” said Ayyadurai. “It almost shattered my left front tooth.”

The man, who has yet to be identified, was quickly taken by police after being taken to the ground by other attendees.

“We are pressing civil charges,” Ayyadurai said.

“He was carried away in cuffs and taken in for assault and battery and disorderly conduct,” said Ayyadurai, who noted his attacker wore a shirt reading “LIBERAL.”

“White liberals are the real racists. They must stop being white supremacists and racists and take a look in the mirror. They don’t own the narrative on race,” said Ayyadurai.

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