Vermont GOP State House Candidate Threatened With Sexual Assault

Deserae Morin, a Republican candidate for Vermont state legislature, has received a threat that she will be raped for days and then be killed, because it’s open season on Republicans and that socialism is here to stay.

The letter says “C*nt, we are hunting you. My comrades will kill you and the Constitution. First, we will rape you for days. You will scream and know that agonizing horror. No equal rights for Republicans. Socialism is here. Open season for Republican death in Vermont. Fear our revolution. AA. It’s time”

Violent threats from the Democrats are more than just threats. The act on their threats. Just ask Steve Scalise, he can testify to that, after nearly dying from multiple gunshots from a deranged Democrat.

And what are the “Believe Every Woman” liberals saying now? Don’t believe the woman.

From The Gateway Pundit

I’ve received my first official death threat, also rape threat… And a threat to all Vermont Republicans.

My entire platform consists of protecting individual liberty, ensuring small government, reducing taxes, increasing personal choices and a deep commitment to the Constitution… Apparently, these are things that make the Socialists want to kill me… How telling.


Morin says it speaks to the political divide in the country. Her post featuring the threat on Facebook tells the story of the polarization. It has over one thousand comments and shares as of Sunday evening. 
“The stuff I’m dealing with now, is not helping,” said Morin.
She’s receiving guidance from the Republican Party, including from Chittenden County GOP Chair Mike Donohue.
“That’s one of the worst [threats] I’ve seen go to an individual candidate,” Donohue said.
Donohue says it’s a tough time period for politics and social media is making it worse. He believes there’s hostility on both sides.
“It’s kind of disturbing to see at the national level, some on the other side adapt language they normally wouldn’t use in pursuit of whether they think the energy is and that of course applies to our side of the aisle as well,” he said.
“Death threats and vitriol seems to be part of our debate. We’re better that,” said Democrat for Vermont Governor Christine Hallquist. 

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