“Undocumented Person” Gets 25 Years for assaulting 12 Year Old

Ruben Alvarado, an illegal alien has been convicted of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl on at least one occasion has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for his criminal act. Alvarado’s grandmother babysat the girl and that gave him access to the girl and he assaulted her.

The victim’s mother and older brother called the police when they found out what he had done to the girl.

The police investigated and they brought charges against Alvarado and he was convicted and the judge evidently was not a liberal and he lowered the boom on him. On the bright side, as long as he is in prison, Alvarado will have a legal right to remain in the country, but he will be deported the day he gets out of the can.

From illegalaliencrimereport

“The defendant is the grandson of the victim’s babysitter. The victim disclosed the abuse after her brother saw text messages between the victim and the defendant,” prosecutors said. “The brother posed as his 12-year-(old) sister in a conversation with the defendant, in which the defendant was trying to entice the child to commit sex acts.”

When the victim was questioned by police, she gave a “very detailed forensic interview of the sexual acts” committed by Alvarado, prosecutors said.

In his interview, Alvarado “denied any sexual contact with the victim,” though “the subsequent police investigation revealed that evidence from the defendant’s phone had been deleted after the defendant’s interview,” prosecutors said.

Though the man now has an U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) hold on him, officials could not place an ICE detainer on him at the time of his 2015 arrest “due to a presidential directive under the previous administration that immigration detainers could not be placed prior to conviction,” said Deputy Shannon Volkodav, spokeswoman for the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office.