Two Hospitalized After White Powder Sent to Ted Cruz Office

A package with white powder was sent to Ted Cruz’s office in Houston on Tuesday. Two people were taken to the hospital. This happened on the same day that a package was sent to General Mattis that contained ricin and Rep Andy Harris was attacked by protesters in his office. The Democrats are quickly becoming the party of mass violence.

They can’t win at the ballot box, so they resort to violence. Sen Cruz’s office has been closed and a crew trained in handling dangerous objects is on the scene. The powder is being tested and the results were not available at the time of this article being published.

The Weekly Standard reported:

A hazardous materials response team was dispatched to Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign office in Houston on Tuesday morning to investigate a mailed envelope that contained a white powdery substance, the campaign confirmed to THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

Multiple fire trucks and at least one hazmat truck were spotted on the scene after the letter was opened by campaign staff and reported to authorities.

At time of publishing, it was unclear whether the substance was found to be toxic or not.

“Two people were taken to the hospital after apparently being exposed to a white powdery substance in an office building at 3200 SW Fwy. The 9th floor of the Phoenix Tower has been evacuated as HFD HazMat is responding to the scene working to determine the nature of the substance.”

“And now an attack at a Cruz campaign office in Houston. The Democrats have unleashed their minions on good and decent people.”

“Houston-area media are also reporting that Ted Cruz’s Houston office has been locked down due to a suspicious package incident, though no injuries have been reported. ”

Soon, we will need to declare the DNC as a terrorist organization. They are the party that supports Antifa, MS-13 and criminal illegal aliens.

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