Turkey Sending Out ISIS Suicide Bombers to Europe, Captured ISIS Officer Says

An officer for ISIS that was captured, told authorities that Turkey is allowing ISIS suicide bombers to migrate to all of the European countries, to commit acts of terror. Turkey’s Erdagon has become more militant after the coup attempt in his country. Turkey is now treating wounded ISIS soldiers in their hospitals and Turkish soldiers are talking souvenir pictures with ISIS soldiers, signaling a new era of cooperation between Turkey and ISIS.

“#Turkish soldiers snapping souvenir photo with elements of the #ISIS•#Turkey is a #NATO member.”

“Supporters of the #ISIS with the police&Turkish army.To kill Kurdish protesters.have been killed 30 Kurdish civilians”

“This is Gaziantep,#Turkey where ISIS bases are located-ultra nationalists-racists mobs attacking #Kurds with Pro ISIS”

AnfenEnglish reported:

Adil Musa Abduljazar (Abu Kerem) is a high ranking officer in the ISIS gangs. His terrorist activity and crimes have spread from Palestine to Libya, and to Turkey and Syria from there. He has been in Jund Ansar Allah under Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al Nusra and Ahrar Al Sham, gangs that come from the same source.

According to ANHA, the gangleader Abduljazar was captured by YPG’s Anti-terror Units on August 11. He is known for his time in the Jund Ansar Allah gang group under Al Qaeda that operates in Gaza and was known as the second in command in the organization in Palestine…

…Abu Kerem said Istanbul and Antakya airports have become hotspots for high ranking ISIS officers…

…Abu Kerem said they trained children to be used as suicide bombers in special camps in Syria: “The suicide bombers trained in these camps would be taken from the region and sent to Europe by the MİT. Turkey had made a deal with ISIS to carry out explosions in countries hindering its policies.”Abu Kerem concluded: “I am calling on all who hear me to stay away from ISIS, and absolutely never join them.”

State-sponsored terrorism is a dangerous thing because the only way to clear them out is to attack a sovereign nation.