Tijuana Waiters Brawl Amid Health Concerns From Migrants [VIDEOS]

A group of migrants tried to dine and dash from a Tijuana taco restaurant and that led to a fight between the illegal aliens and the waiters. Chairs were used as weapons from both sides.

Among it all, there has been a real concern about the health of some of the migrants who have communicable diseases. One woman coughed uncontrollably. (No, it wasn’t Hillary this time) One man aid he had coughed up blood a couple of days before.

From American Mirror

The caravan of Central American migrants have been stymied in their attempt to cross into America, and are now wreaking havoc on Tijuana, Mexico.

Video tweeted by Christian Camara shows a reported clash between waiters at a taco restaurant and migrants.

The brawl broke out on the sidewalk and spilled out into the street.

Both sides used folding tables chairs to attack the other.

Meanwhile, Ruptly caught up with migrants who admitted they would be bringing serious health problems into the U.S.

Workers could be seen wearing face masks as they came into contact with a group.

A woman coughed uncontrollably.

Two days ago, I was even coughing up blood,” one man said with a smile.

In the past there have been a resurgence in diseases we had wiped out that may have come from mainly Central Americans and Somolians. They must give health exams to anyone who wins asylum. They must be cured before releasing them into the general population.

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