Three of Nancy Pelosi’s Darling MS-13 Gang Stabs Boy in the Back

Two boys were in a Burger King on Long Island, when they became worried about the three MS-13 gang members in the restaurant. They decided to leave and the gang members followed with bats and a knife.

The two groups ended up in a confrontation. One boy was injured and the second one was stabbed in the back. The boy who was stabbed is expected to live. How long must we suffer from the open borders that let these gang members in?

Oh, I forgot. We can’t build a wall to keep these people out, because that’s not who we are as a nation.

From The Conservative Tribune

This time, the incident took place in New York. On Wednesday, a teenager was viciously attacked and stabbed behind a Burger King on Long Island — and officials believe the notorious Latino gang MS-13 is behind it.

“The 16-year-old victim told police he was at the fast-food restaurant with friends when six of his classmates from Huntington High School entered and began staring at them menacingly,” reported WABC TV.

“Feeling uncomfortable, the victim and a friend left, and the three gang members followed them, wielding bats and knives,” that news outlet continued.

The armed group allegedly cornered the victim in the parking lot. A 19-year-old named Ramon Arevalo Lopez is believed by authorities to have led the stabbing attack, which also included two other suspects: 20-year-old Nobeli Montes Zuniga and 17-year-old Oscar Canales Molina.

After police were called, they quickly caught up with those suspects who were literally caught red-handed.

“Police said they had blood on their clothing and hands during the arrest,” reported WABC. “Molina was found with two knives, one in each of his socks.”

Our border needs a wall. We cannot continue to take in the dregs from Central America.

These gangs are very violent and getting more so by the day. It will keep out the gangs, the drugs, human traffickers and force incoming migrants to enter at a checkpoint.

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