The Last Interview Jacksonville Shooter Gave Just Before Rampage [VIDEO]

Many people are trying to figure out the motive for David Katz shooting up a gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, but not me. I understand perfectly, now that I know that Katz was an anti-Trumper and a soldier in the resistance.

That was all the information I needed to determine why Katz went crazy and committed unspeakable violence. If you go back and look at how liberals acted during the presidential campaign in 2016, you too will see why this had to happen. Especially after how the liberals have reacted since Trump won the election.

Why has the left become so violent since Donald Trump’s victory? Because they lost. They lost the power of the White House and they want it back by any means necessary. They show up wherever conservatives gather and they physically attack them and the police when they get in their way. Sometimes when they don’t get in their way. They lost and they grow more violent every day. The media plays a big part in this too. Members of the media have talked about the assassination of the president, something that has never happened this way in my lifetime. Also the praise they give domestic terrorists, emboldens them to even more violence.

In his final interview with EA Sports, Katz said rather than the 7th seed he was, he thought he was one of the best payers at the tournament. But then he lost, just like Hillary lost. So what did he do? He did what other liberals have done over the last two years and he got violent because he lost. And now, 2 people are dead and nine more were wounded from his bullets, just because he reacted just like the liberal he is.

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