The Jeff Flake Screamer Has Alleged Ties To Soros Foundation

When Jeff Flake Tried to Get on the elevator the other day, he was surrounded by women described as “survivors”, women who had survived sexual abuse. But were they really? Nope, just paid stooges of George Soros. Maria Gallagher and Ana Maria Archila were the ringleaders and they are not survivors.

They, in fact, are co-chairs of the Soros organization, Center for Democracy and Center for Democracy Action Fund. I guess they couldn’t find any real survivors or that George Soros insisted that they be there to intimidate Mr. Snowflake himself, Jeff (Snow)Flake.

“These two heroes, who confronted @JeffFlake this morning, just changed the course of the Kavanaugh process. We <3 you so much, @AnaMariaArchil2 and Maria Gallagher. #StopKavanaugh”

“SOROS STRIKES AGAIN: Flake screamer/assault victim is co-exec. dir. of the Soros-funded left-wing group Center for Democracy & Center for Democracy Action Fund. #astroturf ”

From The Gateway Pundit

He had hopped in an elevator en route to a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing when two women confronted him before the doors closed.

They spoke of their own experiences with sexual assault, and how he was allowing someone accused of violating a woman on to America’s highest court.

Later, Flake sat in the committee and said he wanted the FBI to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh before he voted on confirmation in the Senate.

The committee ultimately voted to recommend him for the Supreme Court appointment — but it also requested an investigation that would be completed “no later than one week from today.”

The women who confronted Flake were Maria Gallagher and Ana Maria Archila, sexual assault survivors who are now being hailed as activists who may be “changing the course of history.”

If they had tried this on a man, it never would have worked.

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