Far Left Liberal College in a Battle with Left Wing Professors Over What? [VIDEO]

Evergreen State College was deemed the most liberal college out of 382 schools surveyed by The Princeton Review, students “battle” with their far-left professors over Free Speech.

You can see a video of this incident below. One of the intended speakers at the canceled lecture was  Prof. Lucía Martinez Valdivia who describes herself as “female, mixed race, American and Peruvian, gay, atheist, and relatively young.” In other words, she’s no one’s idea of a conservative white supremacist. Last year, when students planned to disrupt Prof. Valdivia’s lecture on Sappho, she begged them not to be too confrontational:

As reported by The Economist:

The protesters argue that the Humanities program is racist because it ignores many of the world’s great civilizations and because its authors are overwhelmingly male and white. They point out that black students represent less than 3% of the school’s 1,400 students and argue that the administration has not done enough to support them. A good portion of the student body appears to support their goals and tactics.

Assistant professor Lucia Martinez Valdivia, who describes herself as mixed-race and queer, asked protesters not to demonstrate during her lecture on Sappho last November. Ms. Valdivia said she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and doubted her ability to deliver the lecture in the face of their opposition. At first, demonstrators announced they would change tactics and sit quietly in the audience, wearing black. After her speech, a number of them berated her, bringing her to tears.

Demonstrators said Ms. Valdivia was guilty of a variety of offenses: she was a “race traitor” who upheld white supremacist principles by failing to oppose the Humanities syllabus. She was “anti-black” because she appropriated black slang by wearing a T-shirt that said, “Poetry is Lit”. She was an “ableist” because she believes trigger warnings sometimes diminish sexual trauma. She was also called a “gaslighter” for making disadvantaged students doubt their own feelings of oppression. “I am intimidated by these students,” she later wrote in a blog post. “I am scared to teach courses on race, gender or sexuality or even texts that bring these issues up in any way…I’m at a loss as to how to begin to address it, especially since many of these students don’t believe in historicity or objective facts (they denounce the latter as being a tool of the white cis-heteropatriarchy).”

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