Small Children Now Eligible for Gender Change Operations at Taxpayer Expense

This is terrible, especially in an ultra-liberal state like Vermont. Small children can now get sex-change surgery for free if they are eligible for Medicaid.

How many liberal parents will convince their small children that they need this procedure? The very thought should send quivers up your spine. Citizens of Vermont over 21 years of age can already get the surgery. This is just lowering the bar to include elementary students.

From Breitbart News

The Free Press continued:

The choice to have surgery is a personal one that should be explored in every age group, Inker said, although people who are young enough can be given puberty-blocking treatments to inhibit development of secondary sex characteristics like breasts or facial hair.

Older teens may have already developed those characteristics, Inker said, and face going to college or getting a job while their gender identity and gender presentation are mismatched.

She cited young transgender men wishing to get top surgery to remove breast tissue as an example of the kind of procedures commonly requested by teenagers between 16 and 18.

In order to receive the Medicaid coverage for sex reassignment surgeries, requirements include a clinical evaluation stating the surgery is a “medical necessity” and a referral from a “qualified mental health professional.”

The documentation of the “qualified mental health professional” is to include “diagnosis of persistent gender dysphoria” and documentation of the child’s “participation in a treatment plan in consolidating gender identity.” In addition, the mental health professional must demonstrate the child has been counseled with regard to “treatment options and implications.”

Vermont is one of 18 states in which militant LGBTQ activists have been successful in convincing enough lawmakers that normal counseling for children and teens who claim to experience discomfort with their biological sex must be banned.