Refugee and Asylum Seeker Planned Attack Using a Driver-less Car

Iraqi asylum seeker Farhad Salah, 23, and Iraqi refugee Andy Star, 32, had plotted an attack using a driverless car carrying an IED. I guess suicide bombing is becoming passe. Both men have pleaded not guilty, despite the fact that dynamite and fuses were found in their apartment.

And although this happened in Great Britain, it goes to show you what can happen if you continually allow unvetted individuals into your country. That is why this country so desperately needs President Trump’s border wall and tougher vetting for legal immigrants. It’s always a danger when you let people into your country that hates you.

From Breitbart News

While presenting the prosecution’s case to the jury, Ms Whyte read out a message that Salah had sent weeks before his arrest, which said: “My only attempt is to find a way to carry out martyrdom operation with cars without driver, everything is perfect only the programme is left.”

She added that Salah was not “planning alone” and was working together with Star, who worked at the Mermaid Fish Bar in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, in the East Midlands of England. She alleged that Star had access to materials for making an IED and had been building test devices in the flat above the shop.

“It is entirely conceivable that Andy Star’s extreme views developed a relatively short time before the events with which we are now concerned,” she claimed.

Investigators found two Samurai swords, three air rifles, homemade fireworks, “a variety of improvised homemade fuses”, and a wine bottle full of sulphuric acid at Star’s residence and they found gunpowder and a “viable pyrotechnic fuse”  at Salah’s place in Sheffield.

From The Times:

A chip shop owner and another man planned an Isis car bomb attack on “infidels” using driverless vehicles and devices they had built and tested in a flat over the takeaway, a court was told.

Andy Samy Star, 31, and Farhad Salah, 23, both Iraqi asylum-seekers, are accused of building and testing bombs at the shop in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, and a community centre in Sheffield.

Salah lived in the community centre and Star is the owner of the Mermaid Fish Bar. Both premises were raided by armed police on December 19, amid fears of a Christmas attack.

Police discovered gunpowder, several partially constructed explosive devices, a number of functioning devices, various explosive materials, four types of improvised fuses, three air rifles, three Samurai swords, and more…

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