Portland Liberals To Use Adult Toys To Protest Conservatism

I have a question about this. In Portland,are they referred to as dildos or as Mini Mes? I have to question their sanity. Why are they using dildos as props? Or are they bringing them for recreational purposes? Allegedly, the dildos represent people who come into Portland and not to Portland residents themselves.

It is part of a protest called,  Stop Sending Dildos To Portland. Now, that part I understand. There are already plenty of them there already, starting in the mayor’s office and working it’s way all the way to the street level domestic terrorists known as antifa.

From Oregon Live

Stop sending your dildos to Portland,” the event description blares on posters and atop the website he built specifically for the weekend bar crawl. Participants are encouraged to bring the sex toys for the march.

But Connolly said the demonstration isn’t a dig at the people of Vancouver. Or residents of Clark County.

His ire is reserved for Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson and both the radical right-wing demonstrators that follow him to Portland and the left-wing counter-protesters that participate in the fistfights that make national news just as often.

Antifa supporting Portland Mercury reports:

“It’s going to be something to see,” says Martin Connolly. “Dildos flying all over Vancouver.”

Connolly is the man behind the “Stop Sending Dildos to Portland” march that will take place in Vancouver, Washington, on Saturday, October 27. Conceived on Reddit, the goal of the protest is, as its poster proclaims, “to tell Vancouver we are sick of Patriot Prayer and the other alt-right dildos.”

For Connolly, enough is enough.

“When they go low, we go north… with dildos,” he tells the Mercury.

Unlike rallies by the alt-right, the “Stop Sending Dildos to Portland” march will follow a route that includes a number of brewpubs. To make their point, Connolly says, protesters will scatter dildos throughout Vancouver’s downtown, including “dildos with suction cups” and “dildos on telephone wires.”

“You’d be amazed at how cheap dildos are when you buy them in bulk,” says Connolly.

Participants in the march, along with their dildos, will meet at Esther Short Park (605 Esther, Vancouver) at 2 pm on Saturday, October 27.

Portland has become a hotbed of violence and the ringleader is Mayor Ted Wheeler who allows antifa to run amok. Liberalism has it’s price and sooner or later, Portland will pay for it. What company or individual would consider moving to Portland?