Police Break Out Tear Gas and Pepper Balls In Response To Antifa Threat

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Antifa attacked the police with bottles and rocks, that led to the police breaking out the tear gas and pepper balls, something they never seem to do when it’s conservatives being assaulted. Antifa then began tearing up the streets and turning over porta-potties.

But once they attacked the police, they announced that Antifa had to leave the area immediately. I guess the stand down order didn’t apply when they were attacked. They began shooting tear gas and pepper balls at the crowd. Portland is now paying the price for their radical mayor who has allowed the radicals to take over the streets of the city.

From The Gateway Pundit

Antifa is now trashing the streets of Portland, overturning porta-potties and littering the streets with road signs. Police announce “Officers have observed protesters throwing rocks and bottles at officers…. All people in this area must immediately disperse”

Luke Rudkowski is reporting tear gas and pepper balls being deployed by officers, as a series of explosions continue to reverberate for several minutes straight.

Police continue to announce that the crowd is to disperse.

“Portland Police shoot riot control junk at antifa in downtown Portland. No sign of the Patriot Prayer group from here. Part 5”


“After I took this video an anti-fascist was hit with some kind of projectile shot by cops. He seems fine. Cat and mouse game between cops and anti-fascists in Portland right now. ”

“Antifa creating a traditional street barrier made of signs and newsstands. Part 4”


Then in another tweet: “This is the Portland Police Bureau. Officers have observed protesters throwing projectiles, including rocks and bottles. The projections were thrown at officers near SW Naito Pkwy and SW Columbia. All people in this area must immediately disperse. Failure to comply with this order may subject you to arrest or citation, and may subject you to the use of riot control agents or impact weapons.”

“Scene: Antifa caught up to the Patriot Prayer group (that’s them across the street) ”


How lonely do you think Antifa’s momma’s basement gets while they’re out rioting?

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