Online Commie Mag Makes Disgusting Comments About Sarah Sanders

When what can only be described as a pretty deranged and senseless rant, Evan Hurst, a writer for Wonkette, wrote an entire article to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the whole thing was his way of telling her, in his words, to “go f**k” herself.

The writer focused some attention on the fact that she is from Arkansas, and has a southern accent — attributing some rather old school and “cliche” southern stereotypes to the White House Press Sec commenting “PUS-FILLED WHITE TRASH SCAB ON THE TINY D**K OF DONALD TRUMP’S HUMANITY.”

After receiving a lot of crap from Conservatives about the piece, he even took the time to write a lengthy reply to that.

Wonkette is owned by Commie Girl Inc – Rebecca Schoenkopf – who, according to this link, considers herself a socialist and not a communist. Commenting that Communists are scary… Then here, according to this link, she once said “I have always thought Karl Marx was right about corporations and capitalism and all its bone-grinding horror.”

As reported by Evan Hurst for Wonkette:

“What was the worst thing Sarah Huckabee Sanders said or did this week? Was it when she tweeted Wednesday morning about how she was happy enough to fry a squirrel for dinner that CNN was boycotting the White House’s Christmas party?”


“Hands down, the worst sin against common decency Sarah Huckabee Sanders committed this week was her response to Trump tweeting anti-Muslim torture porn on Wednesday morning, sourced from British white supremacists who make American white supremacists look like … OK let’s just say it’s a tie as to who has the worst white supremacists. Trump’s tweets were a libelous incitement to violence, a way to greet the morning with his pigfucking supporters, by reminding them bright and early that THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING, THEY ARE DOING WAR AT YOU!!!!1111!!!”


“But Sanders says she doesn’t care because “THE THREAT IS REAL”? What “threat” is that, asshole? Because Trump didn’t explain his retweets. As far as we can tell, the “threat” that keeps the president shitting his Depends at night (allegedly) is the mere existence of Muslims, and he didn’t do anything to disabuse people of that notion Wednesday morning. To be clear, only one of the videos refers to an “Islamist” mob. The other two referred to a “Muslim” and a “Muslim migrant.” How the fuck is this different from Hitler or any other genocidal maniac who libeled entire races and religions of people as unclean or dangerous?”

The response piece as written by Evan Hurst for Wonkette:

Are we being unkind or unfair to Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Well, we did gently and constructively criticize her Wednesday, in a piece titled, “Go Fuck Yourself, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, You Debased Redneck Motherfucker.” Was that too much? Was it even enough? Or was it just right like a common fucking Goldilocks?

According to A Idiot on the internet, we are all being too mean to sweet, innocent Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who only recently fell out of a tree in southwestern Arkansas directly onto the podium in the James S. Brady Briefing Room in the White House. We hate to do this (no we don’t), but we must now use our words to kick that idiot, whose name is Matthew Walther.


And why must we pity Sanders, who spouts bald-faced lie after bald-faced lie, who not only defends her shit boss’s fascist bigotry but ENHANCES it, and who sugarcoats all that with her trademark folksy “AW SHUCKS, I’M JUST A REGULAR OLD GAL FROM ARKANSAS” demeanor?