Occupy Wall Street Gives Detailed Instructions on How to “Deal With” ICE Agents

Occupy Wall Street, a domestic terror group is now posting instructions on the best way to kill ICE agents. They say to grab them from behind, stick a knife in them and pull up. They even provide illustrations in case you don’t understand the methodology.

So, would then ICE agents be justified in shooting Occupy Wall Street members on sight for self-defense? Of course not. No one would suggest that but I’ll bet dollars to donuts the OWS members get plenty of support even if it’s in private from Democrats who also support violence from Antifa and BLM.

From The Washington Times

The Twitter account of Occupy Wall Street published a cartoon Monday promoting the murder of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

What To Do If You Encounter An ICE Agent — Occupy Wall Street (@OccupyWallStNYC) June 19, 2018

The post features a CPR infographic altered to include instructions on how to kill ICE agents.

Occupy Wall Street captioned the picture, “What To Do If You Encounter An ICE Agent.”

One of the instructions reads: “Grab the ICE agent from behind and push your knife into his chest with an upward thrust, breaking through his sternum.”

“This is a very disturbing and ultimately alarming tweet condoning outright violence. If anyone actually takes this advice can Occupy Wall Street be sued for damages? Can Twitter be sued for damages?”


“For anyone who wonders what the left considers acceptable and that Twitter allows, see this disgusting email from Occupy Wall Street. A Dem/George Soros funded group. And these are people who claim President Trump is lowering the bar. Right.”


“This has been up for over 13 hours. Nothing from @jack. It’s always interesting to see what Twitter censors and what it ignores”

“No big. Just advocating a little murder.”

“I reported it. @jack probably won’t have a problem with it though. Especially since he so stupidly ate a Chik-filA sandwich. He’ll be eager to prove his loyalty to the Borg hive.”

OWS is now trying to claim it was satire, probably to save their account from being deleted. What do you think? Real or satire?