Obama DACA Recipient Gets 35 Years For Extreme Child Abuse

One of Obama’s DACA recipients, that we are so lucky to have will not be deported this week after being convicted of abusing a three-year-old girl. Instead, he will be spending the next thirty-five years behind bars, and if he ever gets out, then he will be deported.

When police found the girl, she was covered in feces, inside a garbage bag and thrown in a closet. The girl’s mother was also arrested for abuse. Francisco Javier-Rios Covarrubias received legal status in the United States by the Obama administration. The mother, Mayra Solis, would leave her daughter with Covarrubias for days at a time.

From The Conservative Tribune

Francisco Javier-Rios Covarrubias, the monster who abused a 3-year-old child in Arizona was finally sentenced to serve 35 years in prison on Tuesday.

The horrifying story was first reported in early 2016 when police found a girl bound inside a trash bag in the closet of the abuser.

The child’s arms and legs were bound and she had duct-tape covering her mouth, according to The Arizona Republic.

She was also covered in bruises and feces.

The child was taken to the Mesa Family Advocacy Center, where she was examined and then hospitalized.

“The level of neglect was so harsh that the girl could not stand on her own,” said Mesa Police Chief John Meza.

This proves what a mistake it is to welcome an entire group of people as it is better to vet each individual separately. Also, we should be accepting people who have job skills we desperately need, such as doctors and nurses.

According to The Arizona Republic:

Police found the child with her legs and arms bound and duct tape over her mouth. She was covered in feces and inside a black trash bag with nothing but her head, which was shaved, exposed. She was immediately taken to the Mesa Family Advocacy Center, where she was examined by a pediatric forensics doctor and then hospitalized.

Police said the girl’s condition was improving by Tuesday morning, though she has remained non-verbal to investigators.


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