NY Traffic Agent Gets Beat By A Womans Boyfriend After He Gave Her A Ticket [Video]

Disgusting and disrespectful… a man by the name of Divon D. Cochrane punched a traffic officer in Staten Island after he gave his girlfriend a ticket and the incident was captured on video.

The video shows Cochrane going up to the officer as he walked away from the video and hitting him in the neck.

The hit caused the officer to fall to the ground and lose consciousness. He was taken to Staten Island University Hospital North where he was treated for his injury.

Cochrane eventually surrendered to the police but most likely because he saw the media coverage and if you ask me thought he better get in front of it.

Crap like this comes at a time with high tension against many liberals, alt-left, Antifa, and Black Lives Matters folk so it makes me wonder if it was somehow related.

I don’t really mean that he punched him because he’s a part of the BLM movement, he probably isn’t, but I do have to wonder what was going through his head. Why or how did he think he would get away with it?

WTF gives him the belief that he has some right to do this. Did he really think that the officer gave his girlfriend a ticket just because what? he saw a f’ing cloud in the sky or something.

Sorry if it seems like I went off on a rant there, folks, but this sorta crap just bugs me. Officers are people, too, and ya know what? They’re allowed to make mistakes. But I was also raised to treat our officers with respect. They do, in fact, put their lives on the line for us every day and there are plenty of cases out there of them doing so despite the hatred and disrespect people like Divon D. Cochrane show them.




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