NY Attorney General Candidate Proclaims: I Will Prosecute ICE if Elected

A candidate for Attorney General of New York says if she’s elected, she will prosecute ICE for rape and other abusive acts by their agents. Zephyr Teachout claims ICE as unconstitutional, even though the law covering ICE was passed by both houses of Congress.

As well as signed by the president at the time. She never provided anyone with evidence that ICE has committed crimes but that’s from page 43 of the liberal playbook. Just make an accusation without evidence because the lamestream media will let it slide. Teachout is a professor at Fordham. Teachout claims she believes ICE “is a tool of cruelty, unconstitutional behavior, illegality.” 

From The Daily Caller

“As attorney general, I will continue to speak out against ICE. I will prosecute ICE for their criminal acts,” Teachout said. “We have stories of consistent abuse within ICE.” (RELATED: Democrats Have ‘Abolish ICE’ Bill In Hand)

Acting ICE Director Ronald Vitiello responded to Teachout’s comments in an interview on “Fox & Friends” Thursday. “ICE was designed in the aftermath of 9/11 to protect us all. That’s what the agents and the officers of ICE, and our attorneys and our mission support people, they’re out there every day protecting this country,” he said.

After Vitiello’s interview, Teachout responded in a tweet. “I’m that ‘NY AG candidate’ and I will absolutely prosecute anyone who breaks the law under my jurisdiction. Including ICE agents. We have reports of rape, and people have died in ICE detention because they didn’t get adequate medical care,” she wrote.

In New York State, it seems as if you have no chance of getting elected unless you want to abolish ICE. Prosecuting ICE will not be easy because it’s a federal agency and not controlled by any state. If there is abuse, she can prosecute the individual but not ICE, although I’d bet she will try.

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