Breaking: Nunes Targeting Members Of The Obama Administration For Investigation

Rep Devin Nunes says that is about time for us to find out how the Obama DOJ targeted Trump in 2016 in order to enhance Hillary’s chances for victory. He has compiled a list of 42 officials that he is referring to the Oversight head Trey Gowdy of South Carolina and Judiciary’s Bob Goodlatte of Virginia. For an investigation by their task force.

Unlike his letters to the FBI and the DOJ, this one will not be ignored or sabotaged by the Deep State. Understanding who and how the anti-Trump initiative was run and by whom, it will tell us if this was an operation run by Obama from the White House.

From The Washington Times

Last winter, Mr. Nunes released a declassified memo that showed the FBI relied greatly on the dossier to convince a judge to approve a series of wiretaps on Trump volunteer Carter Page.

Through subpoenas, Mr. Nunes also forced Democrats to acknowledge that the dossier was financed by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign. He says the FBI abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by using opposition research on one party to spy on the other––in this case the Trump team.

There are other issues: the use of one or more FBI informants to penetrate candidate Trump’s circle of advisers; anti-Trump bias by agents who began and conducted the Russia probe; and outside political activists who worked behind the scenes to get Donald Trump investigated.

Nunes referred the investigation to the two committees who have oversight over the FBI and the DOJ. I believe as so many others do that the trial backstops in the Oval Office. Many of the 42 people involved might fall on their sword but out of 42, it is not difficult to see two or three people flip rather than face criminal charges.