New Voter Fraud Found in Maine… Democratic Secretary of State Refuses to Investigate

Maine has two districts that vote for members of the US House. District 01 and District 02. 01 is very heavily Democratic, while one is Republican.

In District 01, they were handing ballots for 02. Seventeen people at last count signed affidavits that they were given the wrong ballot. The Secretary of State is a Democrat and he refuses to investigate. Furthermore, the Republican got over 2600 more votes than the Democrat, but the Democrat was declared the winner by an unconstitutional voting method called the rate vote.

So, even when the Republicans end up with the most votes, they lose.

From The Washington Times

 The Maine secretary of state’s office won’t investigate concerns raised by some Republican voters who say they received ballots for the wrong congressional district.

A spokeswoman for Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, a Democrat, said Friday the office had seen no evidence to support claims that some voters in up to four towns in the 1st Congressional District received ballots for the 2nd Congressional District.

The Portland Press Herald reports Dunlap spokeswoman Kristen Muszynski questioned whether a Republican Party news release with signed affidavits by 17 mid-coast voters was an attempt to use the media “to sow unfounded doubt amongst voters, which undermines the entire electoral process.”

A recount is underway in the 2nd District after incumbent Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin lost to Democratic newcomer Jared Golden.

The Republicans better set up poll watchers in 2020 and whoever is in charge of the DOJ and DHS must have people at the trouble polling places across the country, to keep them from stealing the presidential election.

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