New Troll Campaign Is Setting The Liberal World On Fire

It’s pretty simple… nothing fancy. Regular old paper, printed text, normal font. The sign reads “it’s ok to be white” and it’s been getting posted all over schools of every level as well as neighborhoods across the nation.

And it’s making liberals blow a gasket or two!

One school has announced that they will investigate the matter, and one college student says that it feels “threatening” — poor lil snowflakes. Another “incident” at Boston College with the sign has set the school into a HUGE uproar when someone posted a sign that says “don’t apologize for being white”.


It’s important to note that this seems to be a pretty large effort that has been carefully coordinated. By some accounts, this is an effort of several 4chan users who wish to “trigger” liberals.

As reported by Sophia Eppolito for The Boston Globe:

On Friday morning, two posters depicting Uncle Sam and bearing the logo of an online magazine that promotes white supremacy were found on a campus map at the college a few hours before the protest was scheduled to begin at the same location.

Under Uncle Sam’s image, was the message: “I want you to love who you are/Don’t apologize for being white.”

The racially diverse group of protesters met at noon in front of Carney Hall, where they lowered their heads and held hands while a campus minister led them in prayer before they marched with fists in the air chanting “black lives matter.”

The “Silence is Still Violence” march, sponsored by the Undergraduate Government of Boston College and the anti-racism club FACES, was the second protest at the college this week in response to two Black Lives Matter signs being defaced at Roncalli Hall on Oct. 13. The controversy was sparked again last weekend when an image of a burnt Philly cheese steak with the phrase “I like my steak and cheese like I like my slaves” began circulating on social media.

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