New Court Filings Show Which Major City NM Training Grounds Were Planning to Hit

The prosecutors are not happy with the judge in the case involving the jihad compound in New Mexico. None of the five defendants had to as much as a dime to get out of prison. Remember, these are terrorists we are talking about here.

They have now filed additional information, trying to get the judge to change her position on bail. In the filings, the prosecutors produced evidence that they were planning on hitting  Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta. In addition, they planned to attack law enforcement teachers, schools, banks and other ‘corrupt’ institutions.

From The Blaze

Prosecutors revealed the stunning information in a 13-page document filed in court on Friday. They are asking a judge to reconsider granting the five suspects bail, citing the planned attacks and the tragic death of 3-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahha.

Police have criminally charged the boy’s father, Siraj Wahha, and his partner, Jany Leveille, for his death.

To support their motion, prosecutors said they recovered a 10-page, handwritten document titled “Phases of a Terrorist Attack” from the remote New Mexico compound.

The document contains “instructions for ‘The one-time terrorist,’ instructions on the use of a ‘choke point,’ a location ‘called the ideal attack site,’ the ‘ability to defend the safe haven,’ the ‘ability to escape-perimeter rings,’ and ‘sniper position detection procedure,” the court filing said, according to CNN.

The kids at the compound said they received training with guns and were told that when it came time to attack, they were to target law enforcement. What in the heck was the judge thinking, letting them walk free? She actually accused the prosecutors of being racists. One of these snowflake judges is going to get a lot of people killed.