Nearly 30 Arrested After Riot Ensues When Some ICE Protesters Clash With Police

For the life of me, I have no idea why they call Philly “The City of Brotherly Love.” I mean, we’re talking about people who to the airport so they can boo bad landings.

They even booed Mike Schmidt, the greatest third baseman in the history of the sport and who brought them a World Series championship. So, it comes as no surprise that while protesting for open borders, they got violent. They surrounded the ICE building and tried to prevent people from coming and going. The police started clearing out the protesters when they turned violent.

CBS Philadelphia reported:

CBS3 video captures police and some activists clashing while officers were clearing an encampment outside the ICE building on Tuesday afternoon. CBS3’s Alicia Nieves reported the scene turned chaotic and aggressive.

Police say 29 arrests were made and they were issued failure to disperse citations. Two people sustained minor scrapes and bruises during the arrests, as one was taken to the hospital.

Protesters have been out since Monday afternoon. An organizer says they have donations of cold water and food coming in constantly because the goal is to be out here in front of ICE’s office indefinitely until certain demands are met.

On a national level, they are calling for an end to mass deportations and to abolish ICE. This is a new movement that has sprung up saying the agency has gone rogue and needs to be replaced.

The lefty protesters in Philly are also calling for local police to stop cooperating with ICE agents.

The leftists are always violent due to their Marxist roots. Until law enforcement gets aggressive in dealing with these punks, they will continue to ferment violence throughout the nation. That is the only language they know. I’m not saying beating them silly or shooting them. I’m saying don’t let them blockade the buildings and if need be set up protest areas and arrest and prosecute anyone who strays from it.

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