Nazareth Mayor Cancels Christmas To Get Back At Trump But Look At What He Said Back In 2016

Ali Salam, mayor of Nazareth in Israel, is not happy with U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan to recognize the capital of Israel being Jerusalem.

In retaliation, Salam has canceled his towns Christmas events that had been planned.

“Our identity and faith cannot be bargained. The decision has taken away the joy of the holiday, and we will cancel the festivities this year,” Salam reportedly said.

“Our message is we love Jerusalem, we’ll never abandon you under any circumstances,” he said at a press conference in which he announced that singing performances on outdoor stages that are normally part of Nazareth’s Christmas Market would be canceled.

The thing to understand, according to The Hill, is though Nazareth is made up of both Muslim and Christian citizens, these events boost the economy of the town rather well. So he’s really only hurting his town and who knows… maybe his future in politics over pettiness.

New York Daily News states: “Salam’s Christmas cancellation comes as part of continued backlash against Trump, who reversed decades of policy and made the U.S. the only country to recognize the contested city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

The Muslim world and U.S. allies in Europe have denounced the move, saying that it is detrimental to the ongoing peace process through which Palestinians hope to make East Jerusalem the capital of their potential state.

Other outlets have reported that they are simply being scaled back but I think either way it’s just a bad move on his part.

So here’s the twist… back in 2016, Salam proclaimed he taught Trump all he knows except he’d never actually met the man. So… just… flip floppy, right?

According to Alarabiya:

“An Israeli mayor said Thursday he taught Donald Trump how to win elections, despite never having met him. “It is a fact that Trump learned from me, he learned everything from me,” Ali Salam, the Muslim mayor of the largely Arab-Israeli city of Nazareth in northern Israel, told local radio.”

“Like me he is a businessman, who pursued his career and ignored anyone who stood in his way to get to the top.” “He does not take anyone into account when someone accused him of harassing women.” The interview, conducted on Arabic-language radio, was widely shared between somewhat disbelieving locals. Salam, who has stirred controversy in the past, met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in January.

So which is it, Salam… you’re angry with our POTUS or you taught him everything he knows?

Photo source: Youtube