MUST WATCH: Anti-ICE Protester Assaults Female Reporter

An Oregon based reporter was filming the Abolish ICE protest in Portland when she was assaulted by one of their thugs that lacked the cojones to attack a male over the age of six or under the age of 70. Not that I dislike the Abolish ICE crowd.

They could very well tip some elections towards conservatives who otherwise wouldn’t. recent polling shows that a vast majority of Americans like what ICE is doing and are very much anti-open borders. A clear line has been drawn and people can see who supports our immigration laws and who don’t. Even in sanctuary city San Francisco, the majority are opposed to their city’s distinctions and many pundits thinks it will hurt some Democratic candidates in California.

From The Gateway Pundit

The mob of protesters were upset that KGU reporter Maggie Vespa was filming a family that was going into an appointment at the ICE office. As Vespa noted on social media, faces can be blurred and not all footage is always used.

One protester, who was also caught on camera attacking another reporter for her appearance, screamed into a megaphone in the reporters face while attempting to block her from filming. As the verbal assault took place, another protester shoved her from behind.

The Portland activists had set up an encampment outside the ICE offices for over a week to demand open borders and that the agency be abolished. The occupation was finally raided by the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday — though the protesters remain.

ICE has kept the building closed since June 20th, allowing the protesters to win. Grow a pair and clear them out of there. You are only encouraging them around the country.