MUST SEE! Liberals CELEBRATING Death Of Bolling’s Son

Just when you freaking think they can’t get any lower Liberals always rise to the occasion. As if Liberals gloating about the recent Hurricane tragedies as some sort of karma-like punishment to Trump voters now they’ve taken to social media to actually celebrate the death of Eric Bollin’s son, Eric Chase Bolling.

Seriously… let’s focus on space travel and get us sane, normal, folks on our own planet.

The story came out on TMZ, Bolling Jr passed away from a drug overdose. He was 19-years-old. The news prompted the liberal left to yet again show their true colors.

“I knew [Eric Bolling] was a POS, but it is incredibly rare to see karma deliver such harsh justice,” wrote @Donnie2Scoop. “The teen son deserved better.”

This is pathetic and only a taste of this deviant behavior.

I won’t lie… it was hard writing this piece but it’s important for us to bring these Liberal’s to light, you know? These are the worst of the worst. These are the ones who are probably in Antifa, masked up, and hitting unarmed people with bike locks.

It’s pure crap.

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