Murdered Woman Captures Her Own Demise In Chilling New Video

Willyene Mathais, a 22-year-old Brazilian woman, seems to have recorded her own murder at the hands of her neighbor known as Juliano, who held a grievance with her over allegedly gossiping about him.

After a few moments going back and forth, “Juliano” lifts his shirt up to reveal a gun hidden in his waistband then proceeds to shoot Mathais twice in the face.

“It’s claimed Willyene filmed the incident to prove to her husband she was being wrongly accused and insulted by the man,” reports the New York Post.

The two had allegedly also had a falling out over a disagreement concerning their children.

“What do you mean, Juliano?” the woman says in the start of the video.

“Yes, you’re the one that’s spreading lies about me,” replies the neighbor, 40.

“No, Juliano, I’m not playing this game,” Willyene says, just before being gunned down.

Then, just as chilling, he says “Now you’re going to hell, you demon”.

I won’t post the video directly here but you can view it by following this link. It’s disturbing but not all that graphic. Still, viewer discretion is advised.

As reported by The New York Post:

In a split second, the young mother of three’s life is cut short. She screams in terror as two shots ring out and the phone clatters to the ground as it records her dying moments.

The suspect curses loudly as his victim lies on the ground.

According to reports, the offender fled the crime scene, but before leaving, he is heard callously saying: “Now you’re going to hell, you demon.”

The recording ends with an unknown female coming to the wounded woman’s aid and screaming for help.

The incident, which happened on Sept. 23, starts with the man being filmed as he mumbles under his breath that he’s fed up with people talking about his business.

Willyene, who is standing on a terraced area at the top of a flight of stairs outside her house, calls to the man and challenges him: “What do you mean, Juliano?”

The man responds: “Yes, you’re the one that’s spreading lies about me.”

Incensed by her attitude, the suspect calmly returns, pulls out his gun and allegedly shoots.