Migrants Riot at Mexican Immigration Headquarters

In another example of why we don’t want the illegal aliens from Central America and Africa coming into this country, a mob of them, mostly Cubans and Africans trashed a Mexican immigration building and were burning files before authorities were able to wrest control back from the mob.

They became upset as Mexico was getting ready to deport some of them for various reasons. The riot occurred at Tapachula, Mexico in the southern part of the country, near the border of Guatemala. Authorities then worked on corralling the migrants in an effort to get them under control.

From The Daily Caller

Migrants staged a riot at an immigration station in Tapachula, Mexico early Wednesday morning, multiple Mexican media outlets reported.

The group of migrants, mostly from Cuba and Africa, staged the riot to prevent authorities from carrying out deportations, Mexican media outlets Noticias MVSMilenio and Reformareported.

The migrants reportedly ransacked the building and set some documents on fire before authorities were able to regain control.

Video from the riot’s aftermath shows authorities milling around outside the building, trying to corral the migrant population.

Tapachula sits near Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala, making it a pressure point in the ongoing immigration crisis.

Tapachula’s immigration station has been the site of ongoing protests from migrants and activists over alleged mistreatment and poor living conditions. (RELATED: More Than 103,000 Migrants Reached US Southern Border In March)

The day before the riot, dozens of African migrants reportedly blocked the gate leading in and out of the immigration center, in protest of poor living conditions and inattention from authorities.