Mexican National Released By Sanctuary City Commits Three Murders

A Mexican national was released by a sanctuary county, Middlesex in New Jersey, despite a detainer ICE had placed on him. Now, whoever thought it was a good idea to release him has the blood of three people on his or her hands.

Luis Perez, 23, moved to Springfield Missouri after his release in NJ and went on to kill his two former roommates and then the woman that was with him on the first two murders, the very next day. None of these murders would have been possible except for the warped sense of duty to illegal aliens over American citizens.

From The Daily Caller

Perez had been kicked out of his apartment by the roommates, Steven Marler, 38, and Aaron Hampton, 23, The Associated Press reported, citing a Springfield police probable cause affidavit. The charging documents further stated the Perez was a recent arrival to Missouri and that his immigration status was in question.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed Perez’s illegal status in a statementFriday and added that he had previously been released by authorities in Middlesex County, New Jersey, despite a detainer request.

“Luis Rodrigo Perez was being held at Middlesex County Jail in December of last year on domestic violence charges,” the agency said. “ICE issued a detainer and requested notification prior to his release, so that he may be taken into ICE custody and placed in removal proceedings. In accordance with their local policy, Middlesex County Jail did not honor the detainer, did not notify ICE upon completion of the criminal proceedings, and released Perez into the community.”

ICE arrested 37 people in July during an immigration fugitive operation in Middlesex County. It found that 16 of those suspects had been released from the Middlesex County Jail even though they were wanted on detainers.

I wish that Congress would pass a bill making a sanctuary city, county or state legally responsible for anyone released with a detainer.

If Middlesex had to pay off huge sums of money to the three families of his victims, they would have to change their status o0r answer to the taxpayers, whose taxes would go up to pay the judgments.

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