Math Teacher Formally Disciplined For “Misgendering” Student

Joshua Sutcliffe a math teacher from Oxford, U.K. will be suspended from teaching for “misgendering” one of his students.

It happened when Sutcliffe complimented two students who were working on a project together, saying “well done, girls” after which one of them the teacher that they were, in fact, trans. A transgression the teacher promptly apologized for.

Then six weeks later, the mother of the trans student filed an official complaint which has lead to the teacher’s suspension as well as an investigation.

It looks like the U.K. is keeping their promise about this sorta stuff…

As reported by Frank Camp for The Daily Wire:

Sutcliffe, who serves as a pastor at Christ Revelation Church, told The Daily Mail that because of his beliefs, he prefers not to use “him/he” pronouns when referring to the student. Additionally, he claims that he was not given instructions regarding how to handle the pronoun issue with this specific transgender student when they were transferred to his class. In order to rectify the situation, Sutcliffe began referring to the student using their first name. The math teacher believed that this compromise was both respectful of his beliefs as well as the student’s personal integrity.

The teacher was also allegedly investigated for misgendering on several other occasions and making religious references during his math class. Sutcliffe says both allegations are untrue.

Sutcliffe told The Daily Mail that he spoke about the anniversary of the Reformation during one of his tutor groups and that he used to hold a Bible class during lunch. However, the class was ended when he answered a student’s questions about same-sex marriage in a biblical fashion.

The math teacher insisted that he always does his best to respect his students and behave in a professional manner, but he feels the school is attempting to make him “adhere to its liberal, Leftish agenda.”


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