Massachusetts SJW Parents Send Their Kids To Pro-Antifa Camp

Kids at Camp Kinderland in Tolland, Massachusetts, learn the latest in Antifa tactics and also get to design new flags for the domestic terror group. It is called the “Camp With a Conscience”.

What are these parents thinking? Who sends their children to camp to learn to be domestic terrorists? They may not teach their violent ways, but they teach the kids that Antifa is good and then as time goes on they will come to accept the violence and the intimidation they spread. Let me guess the names of some of the classes:

Snowflakery. Advanced Snowflakery. Selecting the right baseball bat. Rock throwing. Car fires made easy. Would you send your kids to Commie Camp to learn to be a domestic terrorist? Someone needs to step in and remove these kids from this violent indoctrination their parents have made3 for them.

From The Blaze

One of the pictures Mark Bray — who is a Dartmouth scholar — posted to Twitter, included Bray’s book on Antifa, titled: “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.”

Antifa, short for anti-Fascist, is a radical left-wing militaristic conglomeration of loosely affiliated groups that employ violence and intimidation tactics against people who they identify as fascists, racists, bigots, or anyone deemed to be on the “far-right.”

Antifa has gained notoriety over the last several years for using violence during protests and clashing with right-wing groups.

As the camp proudly boasts on its website, a filmmaker dubbed it the “Commie Camp” in a 2013 film.

The camp’s mission statement reads: “Camp Kinderland is a multicultural summer camp and community that honors our progressive secular Jewish roots through our commitment to economic, racial, and social justice. Kinderland’s summer programming and year around activities integrate progressive values with arts, recreation, and activism in a compassionate and caring environment.”

The camp’s values include “social, economic, and racial justice,” in addition to “diversity,” “community,” and “respect and compassion.”

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