Man Found Adrift At Sea Now Looking Down Possible Murder Charges

Back in 2016, Nathan Carman was discovered floating adrift at sea in a life raft off the coast of Rhode Island in the wake of the sinking of the boat both he and his mother was on.

After a period of almost six years, he is now being slammed with a charge of murder for the death of Linda Carman and has also found himself implicated as part of the 2013 shooting death of his grandfather, John Chakalos, in something the prosecutors are claiming is “a scheme to obtain money and property” from the estate of his grandfather.

“As a central part of this scheme, Nathan Carman murdered John Chakalos and Linda Carman,” reads the indictment against Carman, as reported by The New York Times. “He concocted cover stories to conceal his involvement in those killings.”

The indictment was officially unsealed in a federal court in Burlington, Vermont this past Tuesday, and accuses Carman of the murder of his mother while on a boating trip back in September of 2016 and lying to investigators about the incident at a later date. This indictment fails to explain just how Carman carried out the alleged murder of his mother, but they state he intentionally sunk the boat that the pair were traveling on that day. Carman then spent a total of eight days adrift in a life raft in the wake of the sinking before being discovered by a commercial fishing ship.

After the boat sank back in 2016, Carman stated to the Associated Press that he attempt to search for his mother once the ship began to sink. He stated to the news source that he heard a “funny noise” emanating from the engine room before the water started to gush into the boat, resulting in its sinking in just a few short minutes. He also claimed at the time that he spotted his mom at the helm of the boat and made a mad dash to grab flares, food, and life jackets, but she had vanished when he looked once again.

“What happened on the boat was a terrible tragedy that I am still trying to process and that I am still trying to come to terms with,” he spouted to the AP at that time.

Many suspicions were raised even at the time of the incident, even including the death of Carman’s grandfather about three years prior. He stated to the AP in that same interview that he had absolutely nothing to do with the death of his grandfather.

“My grandfather was like a father to me, and I was like a son to him,” Carman claimed at that time. “He was the closest person in the world to me, and I loved him and he loved me, and I had absolutely nothing to do with his death.”

There was a search warrant put out back in 2014 in relation to the death of the grandfather, Chakalos. The warrant in question, which was able to be obtained by the AP, explained that Carman was the very last person to be with the Grandfather alive, had recently bought a gun that matched the one used in the shooting, and he threw out his hard drive and GPS unit also at the time his grandfather died.

This new indictment released on Tuesday also alleges that Carmon was responsible for the shooting death of his grandfather as part of an overarching scheme to get his inheritance. However, Carman has not been charged with that murder as of yet.

Carman is looking down the barrel of eight criminal charges, which include the murder of his mother and seven others in relation to his schemes to steal his inheritance. If he is officially convicted of the murder, he will be facing life in prison. Additionally, each of the fraud charges holds a possible 30-year sentence.

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