Man Arrested for Goat Fondling and More, Claims It Was Consensual

A man who was arrested for raping a goat says he is innocent since he asked the goat beforehand. Even if that is true, we would need to know what the age of consent for goats is in Malawi.

And what is the goat saying now? Is the goat backing the man’s story or is embarrassment causing the goat to accuse the man of rape? I understand the number one hashtag in Malawi now is #BelievetheGoat. At last count, 2 horses, four chickens and a pig have joined the #MeToo movement. The man still has a chance to get out from under the charges.

One thing could bring him down and that’s if President Trump nominates him for the Supreme Court.

The Daily Mail reported:

A man has been accused of raping a goat in a field – after asking it permission for the vile act. The animal’s owner initially suspected Kennedy Kambani was trying to steal the goat.

But when he returned with neighbours to nab the 21-year-old they caught him having sex with the creature in Malawi, Africa, he told police.  Police Inspector Lubrino Kaitano said: ‘The owner Mr. Pemphero Mwakhulika thought Kambani was stealing it. ‘So he alerted the people.

‘When they arrived at the scene they were shocked to see him having sexual intercourse with the goat.’

Kambani was apprehended and taken to a police station and charged with bestiality. He reportedly claimed he had asked the animal’s permission first to have sex with it.

The goat had been part of a grazing flock on the outskirts of Mchinji.

According to the Daily Mail, the gender of the goat has not been disclosed. But, does it really matter? After all, not all female goats have vaginas, right? Maybe, it’s a transgender goat. Who are we to judge. What if the man wasn’t really arrested for rape, but for using the wrong pronoun on the goat? He could get the chair.

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