Liberal Teachers Shows Kids What To Do To Conservatives…

A photo has emerged which shows a teacher at The School for Creative Studies in Durham showing her students “just what to do” to a conservative by kicking a skeleton over while she was dressed as a member of Antifa.

How do you like that? Pathetic and frightening all in one photo. These kids are being indoctrinated at such early ages and are being shown Antifa tactics and gear as a way to normalize all their actions, to attempt to make it seem like they’re on the right side of history here. This cannot stand!

As reported by Conservative Tribune:

By “context” he meant some absurd competition where teachers whose photos receive the most “likes” on the DAE’s Facebook page receive a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts from him.

So because the teachers in the photo above were competing for doughnuts, it was OK for them to indoctrinate their students in left-wing violence? Are you serious?

Sadly, he was. He doubled down by noting that the photo was taken during after-school hours and via a teacher’s personal cellphone. Apparently, that makes it A-OK. Except it doesn’t, not that either Proffitt or Durham Public Schools Superintendent Bert L’Homme cared.

“The Durham Public Schools Board of Education and I strongly support the free speech rights of DPS employees as reflected in the Board’s February 2016 resolution,” L’Homme said Wednesday in a statement.

But this isn’t about free speech; this is about right and wrong. And no matter what sort of nonsensical hooey these charlatans spew, encouraging children to behave like ruthless thugs is never OK — especially if they’re ruthless thugs with a documented history of attacking conservatives simply trying to exercise their free speech rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

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