Liberal Pulls Gun on Couple Wearing MAGA Hats

James Phillips was arrested after witnesses said he pulled a gun in a Sam’s Club in Bowling Green, Kentucky, when he got upset that a couple were wearing MAGA hats.

He held the gun close to the man’s head and said, ‘It’s a good day for you to die.’ Phillips told the police that he got angry when he saw the hats. But people have the right to wear the hats if they choose to.  Would liberals accept it if conservatives were triggered by Kamala Harris’ gear because she is bigoted against American citizens? Of course, they wouldn’t.

From Breitbart News

The victim, Terry Pierce, told police he had a right to wear the hat. “I have as much right to wear that hat and support my country and my president as he has not to,” the Sam’s Club customer said.

Pierce added that Phillips, “Pulled a .40 caliber out and stuck it in my face, backed up and said, ‘It’s a good day for you to die.’”

Phillips claimed that he told Pierce to put the gun down so they could settle the argument like men, but Pierce ran out of the store, instead.

The victim said he followed the gun-toting Trump hater out of the store where Pierce claimed the MAGA hat-wearer was “harassing” him.

Police reported that store surveillance video substantiates Phillips’ story and that he never laid a hand on the Trump-hating assailant.

Officials said that when he was arrested, Phillips had a .40 caliber Glock handgun with a bullet in the chamber sitting in his pocket . He also had two extra loaded magazines on his person.

Phillips was charged with wanton endangerment first degree and was booked into the Warren County Regional Jail.

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