Joe DiGenova: Ford Won’t Testify Because She Doesn’t Want to Look Foolish

Christine Ford refuses to testify before the FBI investigates the alleged incident with Brett Kavanaugh. That is quite impossible. First of all, the FBI can only investigate people who break federal law and in the second place, what would they investigate?

She doesn’t know where it took place, who was there or even when it took place. This is very odd because women who have been assaulted, never forget a single detail. In Ford’s case, she claims to remember everything she says Kavanaugh did but not a single thing else. Joe DiGenova said she will not testify for fear of looking foolish.

Joe diGenova: This is utter nonsense. This is another delaying tactic. She really doesn’t want to testify because when she does she’s going to look like the loon that she is. She may very well believe everything that she’s saying and that is one of the signs of lunacy, believing something that isn’t real. But her lawyer is even loonier. The FBI is not going to investigate a non-federal matter of an alleged assault that is unconfirmed by even the witness herself. She’s not sure when it happened, where it happened, who else was present. She never reported it to anybody.

From The Gateway Pundit

On Tuesday Christine Blasey Ford’s far left lawyer told reporters she wants the FBI to conduct an investigation of the incident before Senators hold a hearing on the sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

On Tuesday night Tucker Carlson asked his guest Joe diGenova, the former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, about Christine Ford’s latest demands.

This is just another stalling tactic by the Democrats to delay the seating of Kavanaugh. They don’t want him sitting in on the next session of SCOTUS.

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