Jerome Corsi Accuses Mueller of Hiding Exculpatory Evidence From Grand Jury

Jerome Corsi stands accused of being in communications with Wikileaks over stolen emails that were released in 2016. He denies the charges. In fact, Robert Mueller has tweets and emails that back up Corsi’s claim but Mueller allegedly withheld them from the grand jury.

This would be far from the first time, Mueller has withheld exculpatory evidence. When he was in Boston, he convicted four men of murder, he knew to be innocent. Many years later the truth came out and the government was sued and had to pay the two surviving men and the families of the two men who died in prison 101 million dollars.

From The Daily Caller

In early October 2016, days before WikiLeaks began releasing emails stolen from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, conservative author Jerome Corsi published two tweets questioning whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange would release bombshell documents he had been vaguely teasing for months.

“If Assange has the goods on Hillary, he ought just to drop the goods,” Corsi tweeted on Oct. 2, 2016, after Assange announced a planned press conference. “Otherwise, he’s going to make a fool of himself.”

“So Assange made a fool of Himself,” Corsi tweeted two days later, after Assange failed to release any information on Clinton. “Had zero, or he would have released it. Will take grassroots on Internet to get truth out & beat Hillary.”

Prosecutors with the special counsel’s team have possession of those tweets, as well as Corsi’s emails and text messages, Corsi asserts. But the tweets, which Corsi claims supports a key defense he has provided prosecutors, did not come up during his interviews with the special counsel or his two appearances before a federal grand jury.

Does this sound like a man who was in the know? He had no clue what was coming.

Another bogus charge from Mueller… trying to get the goods on President Trump, even though there are no goods.

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