Jeh Johnson Freely Admits “It Was The Right Thing To Do” Under Obama

The Democrats are trying to make a national issue because the Trump administration separated 2,000 children from their families. But, Obama’s DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson freely admits that they separated families because it was the right thing to do.

And for good measure, he declared that catch and release must end, a position he has stated several times in the past. It’s amazing to me that Democrats worry about the 2000 that the Trump administration had separated but make no comments on the 72,410 that Obama separated in 2013 alone. This proves that those participating in the protests are fake, phonies and frauds.

The Huffington Post reported:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement last year carried out more than 72,000 deportations of parents who said they had U.S.-born children, according to reports to Congress obtained Wednesday by The Huffington Post.

The reports were sent by ICE in April to the Senate Appropriations Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee, as required by law. ICE confirmed the authenticity of the two reports, which lay out 72,410 removals of immigrants who said they had one or more U.S.-born children in 2013.

The reports show that even parents of U.S. citizens are among the hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants being expelled from the United States each year…

… When a parent is deported, their U.S.-born children sometimes leave with them. But some stay in the U.S. with another parent or family member. Some children end up in U.S. foster care.

Jeh Johnson explains what the administration did in the Obama years:

“Without a doubt the images, and the reality, from 2014, just like 2018, are not pretty. And so we expanded family detention. We had then 34,000 beds for family detention. Only 95 of 34,000 equipped to deal with families. And so we expanded it. I freely admit it was controversial. We believed it was necessary at the time. I still believe it is necessary to remain a certain capability for families.”

“We can’t have catch and release. And in my 3 years, we deported or repatriated or returned over a million people.”

“We did not want to go so far as to separate families, but unless we deal with the underlying causes that are motivating people in the first place we are going to continue to bang our heads against the wall on this issue.”

So, there you are. This is something that people who watch CMM (Both of them) or MSNBC will ever tell you about. If Rachel Madcoww cries over 2,000 children separated from their parents, over 72,000 should cause her a nervous breakdown.

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