Iranian General Blames Drought On Israel – Says They’re Stealing Clouds

An Iranian general is trying to shift the blame for the drought by claiming that Israel stole their clouds. Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iran’s Civil Defence Organisation, said that the drought is suspect and that Israel is working with another unnamed country to prevent clouds from reaching Iran.

Iran has suffered from droughts for years and several other places have suffered droughts at the same time. California and Texas in the United States. Perhaps if Iran quit giving money to terrorists they could finance a project to store water in time of plenty to use when a drought occurs.

From Breitbart News

General Jalali cited a survey carried out over the past four years covering the climate of high altitudes stretching from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean Sea.

He said that above 7200 feet all mountainous areas are covered in snow, except Iran.

The head of Iran’s meteorological service Ahad Vazife struck a more skeptical note, saying General Jalali “probably has documents of which I am not aware, but on the basis of meteorological knowledge, it is not possible for a country to steal snow or clouds.”

“Iran has suffered a prolonged drought, and this is a global trend that does not apply only to Iran,” Vazife reportedly said.

Former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2011 accused Western countries of devising plans to “cause drought” in Iran.

He claimed “European countries used special equipment to force clouds to dump” their water on their continent.

If the weather could be manipulated so easily, Seattle would be the first city to buy it. California might split the cost if they would direct the clouds to them. Seattle sometimes has prolonged dry spells where no rain falls. Like last year they had one. I believe it fell on a Thursday that year.

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