Ilhan Omar Says Israel Isn’t a Democracy

Ilhan “I Married My Brother” Omar says that she laughs whenever she hears Israel called a democracy. Which is funny coming from a supporter of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.

Now, that makes me chuckle. Ilhan retweeted a tweet from someone who is either lying or is totally clueless.

First of all, Palestinians who are citizens of Israel have the vote and can run for public office and secondly, Israel isn’t occupying the Palestinians. Anti-Semites use that term for Jews living in Israel. That would be like saying that the US is occupying Omaha, Nebraska.

From Fox News

This time, the freshman lawmaker agreed with a liberal activist, who wrote online that current-day Israel is much like the U.S. South was during segregation.

The latest episode began Thursday night after the liberal activist, Max Berger, blasted the American Jewish Committee for its criticism of Omar, the Somali-born congresswoman, who recently said that she “chuckles” whenever people describe Israel as a democracy.

“The American Jewish establishment claims Israel is a democracy for all its citizens. But the nation state law classifies 1.6 million Palestinian Israelis as second class. And 4.7 million people live under Israeli military occupation or control without political or human rights,” Berger claimed.

“Israel is like the south before 1963: millions of people under Israeli control are denied the right to vote, speak freely or assemble because of their ethnicity. It’s a democracy for Jews only. That’s not a real democracy,” Berger tweeted.

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