Ilhan Blames Critics for Her Asinine Comment on 911

On September 11th, 2001, a group of radical Muslim terrorists hijacked four planes. They took out both towers of the World Trade Center, badly damaged the Pentagon. and the last one crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, after the passengers decided not to go down without a fight.

Three thousand people were brutally murdered. Enter Ilhan Omar, best known for marrying her brother and raising money for Islamic terrorism. She said that 9/11 was “some people did something”. She now claims she is getting death threats and that her critics and not her own words are responsible.

From The Gateway Pundit

Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) attacked critics of her dismissive comment about the 9/11 terror attacks as “some people did something”, saying they are inciting death threats against her. Omar, a Muslim refugee from Somalia, also defended her love of the U.S.

Omar’s 9/11 comment made during a March 23 speech to a CAIR conference in Woodland Hills, California, that was themed “Empowering Valley Muslims” went Tuesday after posting by “The Imam of Peace” on Twitter late Monday night. Omar falsely said that CAIR was founded (to protect Muslims) after 9/11 because (Muslims) were losing their civil liberties because “some people did something.”

(That is a total lie. CAIR was founded in 1994 and they were a conduit between the United States and various terrorist groups. It was created by the radical Muslim Brotherhood)