ICE Breaks Up Ring Trying to Defraud Americans

ICE has announced they made over two dozen arrests, 22 of whom are illegals. Whom of which tried to collect federal benefits and the right to vote. The conspirators stole the identities of legal Puerto Ricans.  Then tried to get benefits and register to vote. Maybe this is why liberals want to do away with ICE so they can’t prevent voter fraud by illegals.

Attorney General Jeff Session said at a press conference:

“This kind of fraud is a theft from our seniors, a theft from our taxpayers, and a theft from the needy, theft from America.”

“These government programs are intended to help the poor, the elderly, American citizens. Not those that are trespassing in the country.”

“Across this city and across America, teachers, truck drivers, construction workers are going to work and paying taxes that are being stolen from the public treasury by fraudsters and criminals.”

From The Conservative Tribune

The criminal syndicate was largely comprised of Dominican Republic migrants who focused on stealing the identities of Puerto Ricans because of the similarity of Hispanic last names.

Officials pointed to revolving-door policies that allow illegal immigrants to receive only slaps on the wrist as one of the root causes of the widespread fraud.

“(State governments) need to work more closely with state police and not let offenders walk out the door,” said Massachusetts Rep. Shaunna O’Connell. “They also need to be more proactive in mining their own database to look for people who have stolen identifications.”

The level of corruption is astounding. One of the ones arrested was a murderer who escaped from a prison in Puerto Rico. While stealing over $25,000 in benefits.

“Federal court records show that 24 of the 25 obtained a driver’s license or state ID, 19 applied for MassHealth benefits, one received $51,270 in rent subsidies from the Boston Housing Authorities and two pocketed more than $25,000 in unemployment benefits,”

“At least two registered to vote when they applied for their license or ID.”

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