Horry County School Board Member Shared Kavanaugh Joke and Madness Ensues

Horry County school board member Sherrie Todd shared a really funny post and now the snowflakes in her area are demanding that she resign. I don’t know why. I thought her post was not only hilarious but truthful.

For some reason, liberal snowflakes believe that a woman who makes an accusation with no backup evidence at all is more credible than a man who is supported by everyone who has ever known him, including over 70 women, who describe his as a good friend and a great gentleman. Even ex-girlfriends sing his praises.  So what was the offensive post she shared?

“The Horry County Alliance for Educational Justice [HCAEJ] finds this post to be completely offensive, inappropriate, insensitive, and beneath someone who has the responsibility of caring for the most vulnerable citizens of Horry County: our children,” a screenshot from Facebook user Asafo Shaka Sekou of the statement by HCAEJ released Friday said. “Mrs. Todd’s endorsement of this post betrays her gross lack of consideration of the lived reality of our fellow citizens, including children, who are survivors of sexual assault.”

Christine Ford says she doesn’t know where the attack took place, other than it was very close to the Columbia Country Club and she named four additional people who were there, but none of them live near the county club. There is a former classmate of Kavanaugh’s, who lives near the country club and his close friend Mark Judge was also named as being there. The house matches her description But she still claims it was Kavanaugh even though the boy who lived in that house is a dead ringer for Kavanaugh, even unto this day.

“In spite of Mrs. Todd offering what we consider a half-hearted apology that ultimately passed the responsibility to others for the post being shared, we call Mrs. Todd’s judgment, sensitivity, and integrity as a school board member into question,” HCAEJ said in the release. “Therefore, we find the appropriate course of action Mrs. Todd should take is to resign from the school board immediately.”

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