Hipster Gallery Displaying A Disgusting Anti-Trump Image In It’s Front Widow

UPDATE: The source of the image has been removed as you can see below. We’re attempting to find it elsewhere.

UPDATE: Found one.

One Grand Gallery in Portland, Oregon has displayed a picture of President Trump being beheaded in their display window for small children to see when walking by. Therefore many people who have seen the picture have called the Secret Service about the threat. They have even called friends to ask them to call as well.

“Yo @SecretService @FBI @CIA, this image of the president being brutally assassinated is on public display for children to see (a felony) at @OneGrandGallery located at 1000 E Burnside St, Portland, OR. Their phone number is (971) 266-4919”

The previously removed image.

Trump supporters have gone to Yelp, dropping the gallery’s rating down to 1.4 so far.

The gallery is running an art exhibit called, “F*ck You, Mr. President”,  with artwork from about 3 dozen artists. Can you imagine what would’ve happened had the same artist done the same beheading on Obama? Or if the media had gone after Michelle, Sasha, and Malia Obama?

The treatment of the Trump’s would’ve been worse if it had been done by real Americans, but it was not, it was done by liberals.

From Heavy

After online writers started flooding One Grand Gallery’s social media pages with criticism of the painting, the gallery doubled down and posted the same photo on Facebook along with the caption, “The same people offended over a ‘death threat’ are the same people upholding death threats & violence. Irony.”

A group called Educating Liberals was one of those to share the picture on Twitter, writing, “Shame on you, One Grand Gallery. This is COMPLETELY unacceptable. I should be calling Secret Service on the owner for threatening our President’s life.”

The new post sparked additional criticism to flood the gallery’s comment page. “You openly admitted that this is a death threat. Many have taken note of this and reported it,” wrote one woman.

Everyone responsible for the display should be prosecuted and sent to prison in order to put a stop to this nonsense. Don’t you agree?

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